U Can't Ban The Snowman. - Higher Learning Potcast

Episode 17 - bonus

U Can't Ban The Snowman.

Published on: 3rd August, 2020

We grabbed up some of Nero's Cutt White Runtz and Snowman by Cookies + all new stoner confessions and high thoughts including a debate about things you would un-invent and relationships with no sex. We get a little high grade education on what causes the munchies and debate Top 5 most anticipated albums for the rest of 2020, Top 5 NBA teams to make the biggest turnaround over the next 2 years and a new recipe for infused Lemon Bars.

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Higher Learning Potcast
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The creators of It's Not Just Me bring a new THC infused podcast featuring essential smokers’ rules, stoner stories, baked out debates, strain reviews, all the vibes and of course a little high grade education including recipes on how to make your own edibles, epic munchies and other tips.