S1 EP 16 - Crossfaded AF on Dirty Fanta - Higher Learning Potcast

Episode 16 - bonus

Crossfaded AF on Dirty Fanta

Published on: 17th July, 2020

The combination of these 2 strains we stumbled upon; Pineapple Fanta and The Big Dirty were more than enough reason to drop a bonus episode of Higher Learning as we prepare for season 2. We got all new stoner confessions as we talk about getting crossfaded and a phenomenon called "The Entourage Effect". We talk about what 3 artist would star in the soundtrack of our lives, unsuccessful attempts at moves you saw in a porno, and what would last the longest if all humans suddenly disappear. We debate Top 5 Action Most Underrated NBA Players of All-Time and bring you some new recipes for a fools proof Canna-butter & Infused Bacon.

Time Stamps:

10:10 Rules

12:22 Stoner Confessions

15:36 Higher Learning 

21:20 Strain Review

28:40 High Thoughts

39:12 Munchies

47:51 5ives

57:07 Trophies

The Vibes:

Never Gon Lose - Future

Roses [Remix] - Saint JHn feat. Future

Desires - Drake feat. Future

H.O.E. (Happiness Over Everything) - Jhene Aiko feat. Miguel & Future

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